Diego is a serial entrepreneur, management consultant, and strategic advisor to senior leaders. With almost 20-years of experience and a highly successful track record of delivering projects and programs. Fun-facts about Diego is that in the days of yonder (when he was a hacker) we consulted to the first committee on cyber-terrorism in the Pentagon. He’s managed international events, and enjoys to participate in X-treme Adventures around the world gaining a very unique perspective in life.
Diego has that the perfect balance of academic and pragmatic business acumen, and the ability to naturally explain foreign concepts to his audience. He’s well recognized by IPMA and ISO as an expert in topics of project management and by StartupGrind as a wonderful entrepreneur.

IGA 2015
Diego draws from all of his experiences to adequately deliver a message of commitment to excellence towards entrepreneurship and management by projects in a very joyful and exciting presentation.
There’s no feeling like a good round of applause.