Ideal member questionnaire

Ideal member questionnaire

Fellow board members, I need your help to narrow down our target audience for IPMA USA. That is our Ideal member. I know what you are thinking… you’re not marketeers.  Still I need your help so please bear with me.

Why you?

Well, you are clearly our target market. Because:

  • You are already part of IPMA.
  • You are or should be certified.
  • You work on a related field (use PM principles for work).
  • You value (in a way) IPMA.

Again, since you’re not in marketing, I’ve written 5 non-marketing questions that combined yield great insight.


  1. Think of one (1) current member that we really value or one we’d like to become IPMA’s member.
  2. With that one person in mind, please answer these 5 questions.
  3. Don’t over-think the answers. (takes about 2 minutes).


Keep in mind just one-profile of candidate at a time. Got more than 2 types?

DO them separately (FILL the questionnaire again).

Otherwise this exercise won’t work. Better to have 2 profiles than 1 profile that’s neither here nor there.

Please stay away from the generic. I’m pretty sure we can slice it down and narrow it.



1. What does our customer do for a living?

Change management consultant (not just consultant)

2. What motivates them to do their job?

the challenge of simplifying a complex problem, to get recognition (there could be many, I’ve put 2)

3. How do they usually feel on a normal workday?

superior to their team-members because they are more competent (no need to be politically correct – we’re not judging)

4. If they had more free time, what would they do?

go to paid speaking engagements and invest in businesses (get paid for talking and invest in entrepreneurs)

5. What would they say IPMA, or a PM Certification does for them?

become part of an elitist club (sets apart because not everyone can get it -exclusivity)